Twizza is a Proudly South African soft drink company founded in 2003 by Entrepreneur Ken Clark.

With racial shaming at an all time high thousands of South Africans have decided that enough is enough. Individuals from all walks of life have stopped supporting coca-cola by boycotting the company and buying the South African alternative.

Twizza comes in wide variety of delicious flavors which include Cream soda, Twizza Cola, No sugar cola, Granadilla, Iron Brew, Pineapple, Grape, Ginger beer, Lemon & Lime, Lemonade, Mango, Orange, Apple and Rasberry.

“Proudly Local, Proudly South African

Beginning our days as a small startup, through dedication and passion, we have grown into one of the most sophisticated production lines in the country! Despite competition from international soft drink brands, we have grown to become one of South Africa’s most popular soft drink brands, supplying loyal consumers with proudly South African refreshment.”

  • Ken Clark & Co.

Not only is Twizza Proudly South African it is half the price of your average coca-cola product and it is all done locally right here in South Africa, this means more South African citizens have an income and it also stimulates our economy. We have made a point of trying out Ken Clark’s soft drinks ourselves and we are extremely impressed with the taste, variety as well as the price.

It is time to start supporting our local Entrepreneurs, it is time to start being proud when we look at the label and it reads “MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA”.

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